How to Break a Bad Habit?

Habits form over a period of time. Good or bad, the problem is we are habitual to do certain things. Habits are formed according to the way we think and behave. The mind is linked to these habits. Physically, we may be doing certain things, but the root cause of these actions lies in our consciousness. We eat in excess. This compulsive behavior of eating too much could be due to underlying psychological problems.

Bad habits can be difficult to cope up with. One needs to do away with them. Biting your nails, throat clearing, smoking etc are obnoxious habits. Some of these bad habits can be bad for health. How?

How to Get Rid of a Bad Habit?

  • One should accept one’s bad habits. Often people deny having bad habits. Acknowledging them helps to get rid of them
  • One should study them consciously. One should observe how they arise and form in the subconscious mind. We act upon these bad habits often not realizing that we are doing so, in the sense they are “involuntary” habits. We perform them automatically
  • One should try to practice new habits. One can replace bad habits with good ones. One needs to be patient. It takes time to get rid of bad habits
  • One must cultivate habits consciously. You should be conscious of what your doing. Habitually doing something should be avoided. Think before you act
  • Professional help may be required at times to break a bad habit. “Compulsive” behavior patterns are deeply rooted in subconscious mind, and these problems need to be tackled at that level
  • One can pursue creative interests to break bad habits. Good habits like painting a picture, or listening to music can be pursued to curb bad habits

What More Can One Do to Break a Bad Habit?

  • One should be determined to get rid of the bad habit
  • Reward yourself after getting rid of a bad habit
  • One can use a trigger to stop a habit. For example before reaching out for cigarette you can snap your fingers. This would be a warning signal that you are reaching out for a cigarette
  • Replace the lost needs. If you want to cut down on seeing too many movies, find some other diversion like going for a walk or bicycling
  • One should get rid of one habit at a time. Do not try to get rid of them at once. By trying out too many, you will end up with nothing. Habits are difficult to break. Much effort and patience is required to break them
  • Seek a friend’s help. Ask him to remind you if you are indulging in a bad habit of yours. Let him or her make you more aware of it
  • The procedure to get rid of a bad habit should be simple. Do not complicate matters further
  • Experiment with different habits. Try out new habits that suit you

Habits form very easily, but getting rid of them is difficult. One has to make a conscious effort to get rid of one’s bad habits. It may take time, but it is not impossible. Try it out and see for yourself.

2 responses to How to Break a Bad Habit?

  1. got nice habits and keep it up

  2. I have just undergone, what I can only describe as ‘Diversion Therapy’ to cure a persistant dry cough, which I have had for many years, and it appears to be working. Quite simply, when the urge occurs, one breaths in deeply through the nose and exhales slowly through the mouth until it subsides. Previous to this one has identified when, in one’s past life, one was happy, strong and in control. Then when one gets the urge to cough one recalls these events and reinforces the thought of being in control by mentally grabbing the cough and throwing it in the dustbin.
    This technique took 30mins to explain and cost me £60 at a private therapists. I am quite miffed that the medics are not aware of this simple method and over the years have cost the Health Service much expense in costly anti-biotic treatments and x-rays.

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