Why Friends are Essential?

We all are social beings. We interact with each other and share our experiences. Happiness and sorrow are also shared. We need friends for this. Friendship binds two individuals together. It brings them closer. Constant efforts are made to develop new friends. Friends are part of our lives. Why so?

Why Fiends are Important?

  • We can share our happiness and sorrows with friends. As human beings we have problems. Unless and until we share them with someone, we do not feel relaxed
  • One can confide in a friend. A friend is a confidante, a person to be trusted. We need to share our confidential matters with someone. A friend can help us out on this front
  • A friend can help us out during a crisis in our lives. In case we are having financial problems or health problems, a good and reliable friend can give us the moral and other kind of support. The friend can help us overcome the problem
  • A friend is a guide and mentor. An understanding friend suggests how to follow a particular course of action. He or she will inform us as to which is the better solution
  • Companionship is essential. We cannot live without friends. We need to be with someone or the other
  • A friend can be frank in identifying your faults. Others may hesitate to tell the flaws in your character, but friends highlight the negative side of you
  • A friend can smoothen your relationship with your family and with other associates. In case you are facing problems with your colleagues in office, your friend can suggest ways how to interact better with him or her
  • You need a friend to go for a movie or a play. You can have parties and other social gatherings consisting of your friends

A friend is essential to your life. You can spend precious moments with your friends. You need not face challenges of life single-handedly. A friend can help you manage your life better.

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