Is Prayer Good for Your Health

Prayer helps people to live longer and lead a better life. In difficult times, one prays and hopes for the best. People who are depressed, anxious and worried do not do well. But those who have faith in the Almighty and pray perform better and are happier individuals. They are at peace with themselves. Effort coupled with religious convictions helps a person to climb the ladder of success.

How is Prayer Good for Health and how it affects emotions and stress?

  • Prayer provides you with the necessary moral support to overcome health problem
  • Prayer can also cure a health problem; in the sense one may develop a positive attitude and overcome it. Faith heals them of their mental agony
  • In many countries people go to faith healers or gurus for advice. Meditation is often recommended to them, the uttering of a “mantra” (repetition of religious verses)
  • Prayer does bring about a physiological difference. It can make the person happier and relieve him of his pain. For example, the blood pressure of a person can come down after reciting prayers
  • People experience fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression because of prayers
  • Prayers improve your self-esteem
  • Stress levels also come down
  • A holistic approach can be taken towards health problems
  • It helps you in coping up with death
  • Prayer provides you with a sense of meaning and peace
  • Chronically and terminally ill patients cope well with their health problems if they pray
  • Those who prayed had healthier immune systems

Prayer helps in the overall well-being of the patient. It is a source of energy to cope up with an illness. Faith heals as the saying goes. A prayer helps you to recover from a health condition.

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