Chocolates Cause Weaker Bones

Regular eating of chocolates can cause weaker bones. Chocolates weaken the bone density and strength and cause health problems such as osteoporosis and fracture. This was highlighted in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Now chocolate and cocoa, which are considered to be beneficial for cardiovascular properties, cannot be relished as much as one wants. One has to restrict the intake of these if one wants strong bones.

Why Chocolates Cause Weaker Bones?
Australian researches found that women who consumed chocolates daily had weaker bones when compared to those who ate fewer chocolates. Chocolates no doubt do contain flavonols and calcium which are good for the bones. But they also contain oxalate which is an inhibitor of calcium absorption as well as sugar, associated with calcium excretion. Chocolates also cause bone cancer.

Chocolates should not be treated as a health food, but rather as something to be had occasionally as a treat. Cocoa, of course, contains ingredients, which are beneficial to the heart. It can at same time cause much damage to the bones. Chocolate manufacturers often remove flavonols, antioxidants, to remove the bitter taste caused by them.

The low levels of bone density could be found in the hips, tibia, neck and heel bones of the women researched upon, who were above 70 years old. The research was of course done on older women, so whether it applies to younger women or not, one is not sure. Nevertheless, the findings are interesting and act as a precautionary measure. Avoiding chocolates, even if one was young, would mean fewer problems of osteoporosis and fractures later on in life.

Eat fewer chocolates and ensure healthy bones. A chocolate a day means weak bones that are susceptible to fractures and osteoporosis. Chocolate should be taken occasionally. Habitual chocolate eating is not advisable.

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  1. strong bones can only be obtained by taking lots of calcium and magnesium supplements and daily exercise-:`

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