Women All-over Celebrate International Women’s Day, 8th March, 2008

The world over celebrates the International Women’ Day. A memorable event for women from all walks of life. It is an occasion for them to reassert themselves and continue to carve a niche for themselves in this male-dominated society. Be it in politics, police, administrative affairs or lifestyle issues, women have excelled themselves. They have contributed substantially to the progress of the world society and have voiced their views and opinions quite daringly.

The International Women’s Day has been celebrated since early 1900s. The industrial world was undergoing turbulences and sweeping changes, and women who were contributing economically needed to focus on their working conditions and their overall status in society. Women were being oppressed and subjected to discrimination and campaigns had to be held to highlight these issues. Women had to influence world opinion in their favor. Since then, women continue to fight for their rights and have successfully asserted themselves.

Women All-over Celebrate International Womens Day

What Women are Concerned Now?
Violence against women is increasing day by day. Even the poorer nations are facing this problem. Rape, domestic violence and molestation are thought provoking issues. Stalking is a burning problem. Women are feeling insecure on account of these crimes. A woman is still treated as a sex object. Trafficking in women is becoming rampant in less developed countries and is organized crime. Obviously, women all over the world have much to raise their voices against such atrocities.

Inequality still persists. In many less developed countries, many women construction laborers are being paid less as compared to men. Discrimination in working conditions is also there. No doubt in the developed countries, women enjoy better working conditions and companies are providing them better maternity benefits. More opportunities are available for women to excel in the work arena.

What women need to focus upon is how to improve the socio-economic conditions of women in the less developed nations.

Politically, much is being achieved. The U.S. Presidential election reflects women power. Presidential aspirant, Ms. Hillary Clinton, is a force to reckon with. Ex-prime minister of Pakistan, Ms. Benazir Bhutto has left her mark in the annals of history as a woman of conviction. Women need to address the issue of political violence, as Benazir Bhutto fell a victim to the bullets. It is tragedy repeating itself again. Earlier, ex-prime minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi had a violent death. Can political violence go unnoticed? Can women do something about it? They are no doubt, but much more needs to be done.

Socially, women have come a long way. They have asserted themselves well in a male dominated scenario. But in less developed countries disparities do exist. Women are confined to the four walls of the home and are ignorant of world issues.

On the Health front, better facilities are being provided for women. Health problems like breast cancer are of much concern to women. Even in the poorer nations efforts are being made to provide better infrastructure, although it is not sufficient.

Women are no less than men. They have performed well as executives, medical professionals, and social workers and taken up challenges of entering professions, which were traditionally meant for men. Since 1900s, they have undoubtedly come a long way. March 8th will commemorate their achievements. Let us hope they achieve their aspirations and goals.

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