How to Relax Before Going to Bed?

A good night sleep is essential. We feel refreshed the next day. We have more energy to carry on with our daily tasks. It is not always easy to get a good night sleep. There are times when we have to cope up with sleepless nights. We need to relax before we go to sleep. How?

Tips to Relax Before Going to Bed

  • One can listen to music. Soft music relaxes the mind. A relaxed mind means a relaxed body. Listen to your favorite tunes. You will doze off immediately
  • Read a book. One can read a light novel. One should not read heavy stuff. An interesting book will relax the mind and divert it from the dayai??i??s events. Choose a book that you like the most
  • Exercise. Physical exercise tires the body and relaxes it. A short duration of exercise tones up your body
  • Relaxation exercises for the mind also help. Yoga and meditation are good. These exercises relax the body muscles
  • Have a refreshing bath. A refreshed body makes you feel good and you sleep well. Your tiredness will disappear
  • Spend time in good company. Avoid arguments with anyone before bed-time
  • Watch T.V. This also diverts the mind. An interesting film on the video is worth watching
  • Do not work till the last minute before you go to sleep. Complete your work an hour before. The mind should not be pre-occupied with work
  • Write down tomorrowai??i??s chores on a piece of paper. You need not keep thinking about them
  • Visualize something pleasant
  • Dance to music. It helps you to relax
  • Have a light meal. A heavy meal can cause much discomfort making it difficult to sleep
  • Have a nice hot refreshing drink, like cocoa, malt.
  • Avoid coffee and tea. They keep you awake
  • A little amount of alcohol helps you to relax
  • Avoid disturbing thoughts and events

Sleep is essential to perform well the next day. A relaxed mind and body will ensure that you have a good nightai??i??s sleep. Keep the mind free of negative thoughts. Sleep well and feel fresh the next day.

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