Anger should be expressed, not suppressed

Anger is a common emotion that one experiences. Many times, we find it difficult to express it due to social or personal constraints. Suppressed anger is unhealthy. Nevertheless, one should express anger appropriately. Anger is a negative emotion and when not directed properly can prove harmful to oneai??i??s health. It is better to express it, rather than suppress it.

Why Should You Express Anger?

  • Anger, when not expressed, can lead to cardiovascular problems. If it is released it can bring down blood pressure levels
  • Suppressed anger can cause cancer
  • Anger should be expressed against the person who offended you. It should be sorted out. Otherwise it could lead to poor self-esteem as several doubts may arise in your mind about the person who is the cause of anger. It shows a lack of self-confidence in not expressing it appropriately
  • Depression can cause anger. Those who do not express their anger, which aggravated due to low feelings, experience a feeling of hopelessness
  • Those unable to express anger often take more food to seek comfort
  • Pills and alcohol are used as escape from anger. These are taken to boost up morale
  • Brooding over your anger is not advisable
  • One explode at a later date if one suppressed anger at a given time
  • The intensity of anger can be high if it is suppressed for a long time
  • Looking at a problems from different perspective can reduce anger
  • If the blood is boiling and your heart beat is increasing,it is better to express the fury in you

Anger should not be withheld. It should be expressed. If suppressed too long, it can explode. One should express it in the right manner. It should be socially acceptable.

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