Embryos From DNA of Three Parents

We now have a human embryo from DNA of three parents created by British scientists of Newcastle University. Efforts have been successful in producing IVF embryos from two women and one man. This experiment has been part of research being conducted on inheritable diseases.

What is Embryo From DNA of Three Parents All About?
The technique is being developed with the idea of helping women suffering from mitochondrion (tiny power packs within the cell that provide their energy) to avoid passing on their genetic defects to their children. Mitochondrion can cause many fatal conditions which include liver failure, stroke- like episodes and Diabetes.(source)

Due to faulty genetics, mitochondrion reduces the burning of food and oxygen. This causes the build-up of poisons which are responsible for more than 40 diseases.(source)

Ethical aspects have emerged whether an embryo of three parents was permissible. In Australia such embryo creations are banned, but in Britain this is possible. It is hoped that that the new “mitochondria transplant” technique, tested using 10 IVF embryos allowed to develop for six days, would get rid of the disease. The idea is to enable couples to create an embryo with their own sperm and egg.

The nuclear DNA of the couple would be removed and implanted in an egg donated by a woman who is not suffering from mitochondria. Her nuclear DNA would be removed so that the child would have nuclear DNA that would influence the appearance and characteristics from real parents.

Objections have been raised to the creation of so called “designer babies”. Genetic testing of embryos to avoid the risk of developing a disease is not fool-proof. Every one is not completely free from developing a serious disease. Terminating life due to a particular disease was not in conformity with some religious sentiments. Parents should not reject lives for a custom made child it was felt.

A human embryo of DNA of three parents is no doubt quite an achievement. It is may be acceptable in some countries, whereas in others it may not be well received. In the U.S. much would depend upon the funding resources available and whether the people are keen to have a child by adopting this procedure.

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